The mirror is the most important object of the whole project. We describe it as a portal to another dimenSion where people can end if they break a mirror. A fact which doesn’t necessarily mean to be unfortunate though you have to be careful since someday your moment may come . The importance doesn’t lie in the simple mirror, but on what is reflected in it. For centuries mirrors have been considered as symbols of bad luck and breaking one is thought to be the same as killing your own image. That’s why they say you untie a curse.

The monster inside the mirror is a trapped soul looking for company and who doesn’t want to be alone. Cracking a mirror is a one-way ticket to that dimenSion. Everything started when a sinner died burnt alive next to the mirror. His body mutated into an evil spirit. In order to get God’s absolution, the spirit has to capture another soul and take it inside the mirror. Although the monster always keeps some of his semi-dead body parts, he also steals some of them from the person who breaks the mirror. He has black hands and black feet with long nails due to the long time he has already lived inside that dimenSion. He can never come back to the real world except when his victim is sleeping, so when the victim wakes up he is already trapped insinde the mirror world.


Marta is the leading character of the project. Marta is a normal girl whose bad luck begins when she breaks a mirror. She works as a doctor in a hospital. She always comes back home exhausted from work. The day on which our shortfilm is based represents the first anniversary of one her patient’s death because of a medical negligence. She still feels very guilty about it but luckily her boyfriend has helped her to overcome it and now he has moved on. Marta is very dependent. She doesn’t believe in ghosts, because her science studies have made her believe in reason and not in paranormal facts.

Which is the tool you always use when you need help? The smartphone is one of the objects Marta will use in order to get protection and also to see through darkness. Gerard is the person Marta loves most in her life, but unfortunately he works until late and she to call him for any problems that may arise. Marta is a woman in her twenties who is very addicted to social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp, even when she doesn’t have much available time due to her hard work. Marta and Gerard have been living together in a rented flat for a long time. Electricity doesn’t work very well. This is why Marta has decided not to uninstall the flashlight app from her smartphone. The light is not very powerful but it can still be useful.


Marta’s flat furniture is very vintage. Some abandoned paintings found in an old house decorate its walls. She uses the sofa her grandfather gave her. She has some other objects she obtained from friends and family. Among these objects there is a lamp her grandmother gave her long ago. The lightbulb has broken several times but she still keeps the glass tulip. Everytime she sees it she remembers when she was young and stayed at her grandma’s who used to turn off the light,(no comma) but Marta would set turn it on again when she was scared. Now the lamp lies on the nighstand next to her bed. She is fonder of this object than others inside the house. Marta uses it when she is reading on in bed and in other private moments. The switch is just behind the bed so she can turn it on and off without standing up.

Everyone has hidden underneath the blanket at one some point and Marta is not the exception. She is not scared of ghosts but she has her own fears so sometimes she needs to cover herself up. Because of that and the fact that sometimes she is also cold , she has a lot of blankets spread through the house. The one in her bedroom is the main one. She usually watches horror movies and then she needs to take some spare ones from the cupboard. In this way she feels safe and hides when she feels the scary moment is going to come up. Blankets are not the most important objects in our project but they are part of a cliché among the horror genre. The one in her bedroom holds a beautiful memory .When she moved from her parents’ house it was is the first object she bought with them and that would be in her new house place and in her first night alone.


Marta and Gerard are two young workers so indeed his their flat needs thorough regular cleaning. Marta is the messy one but she is also the busiest one, so she barely has time to clean because of her long shifts. She also comes home very tired. Sometimes Gerard has long meetings and doesn’t come home until very late at night. Gerard loves the floor to be spotless and he cannot stand seeing any stain or piece of food remaining there. The broom is a symbol of cleanliness. Using it is as if nothing had happened. In case of breaking a mirror or any other object, Marta takes the broom and cleans it. She will afterwards tell Gerard what happened. You can usually find it in the kitchen, next to the washing machine and other cleaning stuff. Its colours have to match with the rest of the furniture.

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